“Be A Disruption in the ways of being that do not serve young people in being successful”

The Legacy Division of The 1 Percent Mindset provides programs both in person and virtually that provide leadership and training for the upcoming generation. Our programs are designed to teach entrepreneurship and build life skills and social emotional learning in a practical way. 

Our signature program Leave A Legacy provides young people with critical thinking, marketing, and teamwork to create a product/service that makes an impact within their community.



Designed by paid youth consultants

OWN it Leadership

  • 90 Day Leadership Program
  • Meeting and Exceeding Goals in 5 Distinct Areas of Life 
  • Create Personal/Business Relationships
  • Learn The Art of Execution By Being Committed To Daily Disciplined Actions

 Leave A Legacy Entrepreneurship Program

  • Learn About Needs In Community 
  • What Product/Service Can Be Sold To Community For A Profit
  • Create Partnerships & Learn Fundamentals For Starting A Business
  • Community Initiatives And Donating To A Cause

 Talk Back Leadership

  • Youth Led Forum Around Issues Plaguing The Community
  • Positive Youth Development Roundtable
  • Create Partnership w/ Organizations For Solutions 

 Leaders Lead Leadership Weekend

  • Discover Blindspots In Life and How You Play
  • Learn About Commitment to Your Word 
  • Create A Leadership Project That Leaves an Impact On The Community
  • Create A Commitment to Mastery